What is JChateau?

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First answer: an unconference

JChateau® is an Unconference organized in France in the iconic area of the Châteaux of the Loire Valley, designated as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 2000. The people behind this event are the same that have been organizing the Paris Java User Group meet-ups for about 12 years.

Second answer: a non-profit event

Everything has a price, and organizing such an event has one too. So unfortunately, attending JChateau® cannot be free. Despite that, it is still a non-profit event, organized by the same non-profit association that has been organizing the Paris Java User Group meet-ups for the past 8 years.

Third answer: an event for passionate people

JChateau® is disorganized by a group of people that have the same passion for technology, especially Java technology, and for sharing knowledge. Everyone interested in the Java technologies, the crafting of software, and all the related technologies is very welcome to attend and join the party.

Fourth answer: a fun event!

Sharing three to four days in a venue where everybody can discuss, have lunch and dinner, share a coffee, go for a walk in the nearby forrest, leave the venue for an early morning run, talk about Java, go and visit beautiful places, and find inspiration in a peaceful atmosphere.

JChateau is not the first one

JChateau® is fully inspired by JCrete, JAlba and SoCraTes. Thanks to all the disorganizers of these events for their inspiration and encouragements. Without your work, JChateau wouldn’t have been created!